Nursing Informatics Certification

With the changing procedures in the healthcare industry, nursing informatics has become more important than ever. All nurses should consider some formal training in informatics so they can keep current on the latest processes, procedures, and technologies in the work environment. For those who are just beginning to enter the nursing profession or who are seeking additional training, nursing informatics certification is a very good goal to pursue.

What is Nursing Informatics?

Nursing informatics is a sub-discipline of health informatics, which refers to a specialty in applying new technologies to various areas in the healthcare profession. The nursing portion of informatics focuses specifically on tasks and procedures that nurses deal with on a regular basis, such as improving access to patient care information and auditing quality measures. Healthcare technology is changing rapidly, and it is up to the informatics team to make the integration of new developments as seamless as possible. By pursuing a nursing informatics certification, you will be positioning yourself on the forefront of these advances, learning about new technologies and bringing your coworkers up to speed.

Why Pursue Nursing Informatics Certification?

For those who already have a position as a registered nurse, pursuing a certification in nursing informatics can help with your professional development. It improves your ability to adjust to new care concerns and makes you more indispensable to your organization, as you will not only be mastering the new technologies as they arise, but will also be capable of training others. If you are a nursing student or are about to enter this highly competitive field, getting your nursing informatics certification can give you the advantage you need in finding the position you want. The certification will not only help you find a nursing job, but will also make you a valuable new employee once you begin work.

What are the Best Options for Nursing Informatics?

If you are hoping to learn nursing informatics, there are two primary options. Several areas offer highly specialized training courses in which you can obtain your nursing informatics certification after about 12 weeks of learning. For those interested in a more in-depth exploration of the field, some colleges now offer informatics degrees as part of their Masters’ programs. If you already have a position in a hospital or provider’s office, your employer might help you through one of those Masters’ programs with a donation to your tuition or expenses. The skills you learn will translate well to your current employment, making for a good return on investment. If you need to pursue these skills independently, certification is the best option.

The healthcare industry faces a constant stream of new technologies and databases. Mastering those changes is one of the key factors to improving patient care and support. Nursing informatics allows nurses to improve the quality of their care, the maintenance of patient information, and the overall integration of these useful new tools. By entering a certification program, you will be improving your job prospects and putting yourself in a better position to care for those in need.